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Custom Wine Labels

Showcase your wine bottle with a label that reflects your hard work.

When you label a bottle of your wine, you are telling your story to the world. Since many wine shoppers make their decision about their purchase by the look of the label, you need to have a label that will get them excited about trying your vintage.

Wine labels need to look unique, setting you apart from the crowd in the busy wine aisle. And the labels need to be durable, water-resistant and smudge-proof.

Weber can print your wine labels on their digital presses so small label runs are economical. We can use a variety of label stocks for special effects and can add foil and embossing to really make your label come alive.

Labels can be printed as one wrap-around label or alternating front and back labels for easy application.

Weber can also help you with a label applicator to fit your needs, from small boutique wineries to large automated production labelers.

Small bottling run applicators
Medium bottling run label applicators
Large bottling run labeling systems

custom wine bottle labels

Wine Bottle Label Tips

Many times wine is judged by the label so a well-thought-out custom design will attract more customers and identify your brand.
Use clear label material to create dimensional effects with your label.
Be sure to use label materials that will stand up to the environment if they are exposed to water or refrigerated conditions.

Use a unique label material with a texture to add style and touch to your label.
Keep your design simple but eye-catching so your brand becomes well known by sight.
Customers love to learn about your winery and your product, so tell them about it on your label.

Eden Wine Label

The stark white tree stands out against the dark bottle on this clear label. A simple yet appealing one-of-a-kind wine label design.

Label Size: 4.0" wide x 5.5" high

Facestock: Clear film

Print method: Flexo for extra white bump

Top Coat: None

Eden Wine Label by Weber
Weber Hill Wine Labels

Another clear wine label printed digitally with vibrant colors that create a dimensional effect on the bottle. The background colors are used for different types of wine within the brand.

Label Size
: 4.0" wide x 5.5" high

Facestock: Clear film

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: None
Weber Hill wine label
Temptation Wine Labels

Dark lucious colors with a well-designed theme tempt the customer to try this brand of wine. Best used on a dark bottle, these labels blend well with the product shape.

Label Size
: 4.0" wide x 5.5" high

Facestock: White gloss stock

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: Laminated
Temptation wine labels
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