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Tronics Series 3 Label Applicator

Tronics Series 3 label ApplicatorFor in-line speed and precision, the Tronics Series 3 label applicators from Weber can't be beat. Whether you use it for a wrap-around label on a sauce bottle or a front and back combination on a shampoo bottle, the Tronics can reliably handle your product line labeling needs.

The Tronics Series 3 label applicators address a wide variety of pressure-sensitive labeling applications from simple wrap-around labeling to front-and-back container labeling with outstanding accuracy. And it's all built into one labeling system.

•Unprecedented product and labeling flexibility
•Up to 2400 inches of labels per minute
•Built-in conveyor easily integrates with existing operations 
•Quick set-up and changeover
•Economical open-frame version available


Tronics Series 3 Label Applicators

The Series 3 is available in standard-, medium- and high-speed models. The systems apply front, back, wrap-around, top and bottom labels for the broad range of packaging markets – and for an even wider range of products and packages.

These ruggedly constructed, dependable systems can be configured to handle a diverse selection of package shapes and sizes. And the Series 3 can dispense and apply pressure-sensitive labels from .5 inch high and long to a full 10 inches high and 39 inches long.

Tronics Series 3 open frame versionAn Open-Frame version is available that applies front, back, bottom and wrap-around labels to a wide variety of flat-sided, straight-walled products and packages. And this easy-to-adapt unit can be ordered in standard-, medium- and high-speed configurations.

Package Flexibility

All Series 3 label applicators are equipped with a standard 4.5-inch wide (wider widths available), 10-foot long heavy-duty conveyor and labeling heads that will accommodate up to a 9-inch wide label web (kits for larger labels are optional).

• Product sizes – from vials as small as 5ml to 10-gallon pails
• Product shapes – round, flat-sided, oval/contoured, plus unstable products like syringes, narrow cylinders/tubes, caps and more
• Product materials – plastics, paper products, metals, glass, rubber, ceramic, wood and more

Label Flexibility

The Series 3 handles small labels and large, in varying shapes, and applies them to virtually anywhere on a product or package.

• Label size – from .5-inch high by .5-inch long, up to 10 inches high by 39 inches long
• Label application – front; back; top; bottom; wrap-around (up to 100 per cent); booklet; crescent-shaped (for tapered rounds); one label on two, three or four panels; corner-wrap; two adjacent sides; spot; tamper evident; neck; one, two or three labels on a round product; RFID and more
• Label materials – standard pressure-sensitive paper, clear, Mylar, foil and more.

Product & Label Changeovers

Tronics Series 3 control panelSeries 3 labeling systems are extremely user-friendly and easy to adjust when changing products and/or labels.

Conveyor rails plus modules like labeling head(s), wrap-around belt, backing pad, overhead product hold-down and aligning chains all have tool-less adjustments, in addition to quick-reference rulers beveled into the shafts. These design functions provide reference points that ease system operation.
In addition, the Series 3 features simple electronics and touch-pad controls that provide a number of unique advantages.

• On-the-fly adjustments – any label head or module can be adjusted without stopping the system; the touch-pad provides the operator with adjustment options
• Job memory – up to 100 jobs can be stored in the system's memory to expedite changeovers
• Durability – the system's sealed interface provides protection in chemical and other industrial environments
• On-board software – the Series 3 communicates with all popular PLCs, including Allen-Bradley and Omron. All software for any possible upgrade or option is pre-loaded; no downloading of proprietary software is required

Tronics Series 3 labeling systems from Weber also include an array of miscellaneous features, including batch counting, real-time products-per-minute display, total products labeled, additional inputs and outputs for missing/low label and for integration with PLCs on other packaging and handling equipment.


110 volts, single-phase, 20 amps
(220 volts, single-phase per request)

Tronics Series 3 label applicatorDimensions
118" x 65" x 61" (3000mm x 16480mm x 1554mm)

1200 lbs. (544.3kg)

None required (except for special upgrades)

±0.03" (subject to sample testing)

Maximum Label Height*
8.5" high (for wrap applications, up to 5.5" high, 12.5" long)

Maximum Speed**
1,200" of label per minute, per label head (wrap speed is 600"/min)

Label Specifications:
Label min thickness: 80micron
Label reel core size: 3" - (76mm) inside diameter
Label reel outside diameter: 13.19" (335mm) (std)
Label reel outside diameter max: 19.68" (500mm) (opt)
Label min size: Vertical 0.59" (15mm)/Horizontal 0.79" (20mm)
Label max height: 4.33"/8.27"/10.24" (110/210/260mm)
Label gap min size: 0.098" (2.5mm)

Labeling Head Specifications:
Dispensing speed min: 196"/min (5m/min - opt)
Dispensing speed min: 984"/min (25m/min - std)
Dispensing speed max: 2362"/min (60m/min - opt)
Label stop accuracy: ± 0.039" (1mm)
Stepper motor drive
Missing label detection (opt)
Low-level roll detection (opt)
Clear label gap sensor (opt)
Label verification (opt)

Conveyor System:
Conveyor speed: 236"-984"/min (6 –25 m/min - Std)
Conveyor material: Plastic/Stainless/Belt/Roller
Conveyor widths: 4.23"/7.48"/9.84" (105/190/250mm - Std)
Conveyor with Pucks (Non-std)
Conveyor stepper drive (std)

* Label heads and wrap modules that accommodate labels greater than 8.5" high, 12.5" long are available
** High-speed upgrade available at up to 2,400"/minute (1,200"/minute wrap speed)

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