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Adjustable Labeling Jig Fixture

This adjustable jig fixture helps ease the transition from manual to semi-automatic labeling using a Weber tamp-blow, pressure-sensitive label applicator or label printer-applicator.

With an adjustable X- and Y-Axis, this jig makes it easy to line up a product for consistent labeling every time. And it mounts directly to the labeling system's t-base stand so it is solid as a rock.

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Adjustable Jig Fixture

Adjustable labeling jig fixtureThe jig fixture is designed exclusively for easy attachment to Weber's heavy-duty t-base stand, which provides a secure mount for both the fixture and a Weber labeling system. The jig fixture's sturdy table and adjustable X and Y axis fences and recessed scales provide a workstation that facilitates operator involvement.

Works with all Weber tamp-blow label applicators and printer-applicators
Easy to adjust and use
Built from rugged, lightweight aluminum
Quick-release knobs and levers enable the operator to adjust the guide fences to accommodate products or packages from 5" to 20.5" wide. Label application is activated through the use of a footswitch or convergent proximity sensor.

The jig fixture's t-base mount, table and adjustable fences are constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum. The unit's working surface covers over 440 square inches and is built to withstand the day-to-day wear of continuous labeling and product handling.


Adjustable Jig Fixture Specifications

Table Width
23.875" (606.4mm)

Table Depth
18.5" (469.9mm)

Table Height
Adjustable from 34.75" to 38"
(882.6mm to 965.2mm)

Durable, lightweight aluminum

Options Footswitch or proximity switch operation

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