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Herma H400 label applicator

Herma H400 Label Applicator

Herma H400 label ApplicatorMost modern production lines need a labeling system that they can count on to be accurate, fast, and reliable. Our HERMA H400 Series pressure-sensitive label applicators provide speed, precision and true modularity.

• Controller and operating display is built in; no separate controls required
• Servo drive unit provides automatic synchronization of labeling and product handling speeds
• Special unwind unit provides consistent web tension 
• Applies labels up to 6.3" wide; optional up to 12.6" wide
• Top end dispense speed of over 7000" of labels per minute


Herma H400 Label Applicator

Weber's HERMA H400 is one of the most versatile wipe-on pressure-sensitive label applicators due to its variety of unique, modular configurations.

Herma H400 ControllerThe key is the HERMA's basic servo drive unit, which remains the same throughout the 400 Series. This dependable motor powers the entire range of modules Weber offers. As a result, any HERMA applicator easily can be reconfigured for higher-speeds or for an alternate method of application if future labeling demands change.

Because this system features so many modules and a built-in controller, the HERMA H400 can be integrated with practically any existing production line. Or Weber can build the unit into a custom material handling system specifically developed for an individual application.

Features at a glance

• Controller and operating display is built in; no separate controls required.

• Automatic synchronization of labeling and product handling speeds.

• Comprehensive selection of modules.

• Special unwind unit provides consistent web tension.

• Applies labels up to 6.3" wide standard, 12.6" wide optional

• IP66 rated for dust and water protection

• Right- or left-hand configurations

• Easily connects to PLCs

• Handles transparent labels without incident

• Simple to expand or reconfigure

Herma H400 unwind unitUnwind Unit
Unwind unit maintains a constant web tension, preventing tolerance issues at the peel bar. Threading and tensioning the web are very user-friendly.

Herma H400 controllerControl Panel
Clearly-defined display panel facilitates adjustments to operational parameters; provides 30 preset functions.

Herma rigid peeler bar Standard Modules
• Rigid peel bar with application roller – for linear labeling; spring-loaded roller applies the label onto the product

Herma rigid peeler bar • Pivot peel bar with application roller – for liner labeling of products with varying heights or uneven shapes. Label peel bar swings don to meet product as it passes on conveyor.

Herma rigid peeler bar • Special label sensor – especially suitable for transparent label materials; fast reacting, adjustable and powerful



Herma H400 diagramElectrical
Universal 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Standard Unit: Approx 35 lbs.
(Up to 66 lbs. with unwind/rewind options)

±0.01" when product handling is controlled

Label Widths
Standard: Up to 6.3"
Optional: Up to 12.6"

Labeling Speeds
Standard: Up to 1560 inches per minute
Optional: Up to 7000 inches per minute

Protection Rating
IP66 rated for dust and water protection

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