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Entry-Level CIJ Inkjet Coding System
Model 81 from BestCode

The new Model 81 coder is perfect for small to medium businesses that require Best By, Lot Code, or Expiration Dates on their products without the normally higher costs associated with most CIJ inkjet systems.

The Model 81 is a simple, entry-level continuous inkjet system that has most of the advanced features of other BestCode systems but at a price point that easily allows start-ups to add coding to their production lines.

A typical application for the Model 81 is marking or coding one shift per day, five days a week, averaging 2,000 hours annually. The operating system is simplified, making it easy for anyone to operate. It minimizes operator touches and extends time between human interaction.

Features include:

  • Prints one or two lines of text, graphics or bar codes at up to 600 feet/minute
  • Image height from 0.10” (2mm) to 0.50” (12mm)
  • Non-contact printing from 0.5” (12mm) up to 2.0” (50mm)
  • Cleanstart™ automatically cleans printhead, eliminating daily and weekly cleanings
  • BestCode standard 10.4” color touch screen with large intuitive buttons and status indicators
  • OneTouch™ single-step operator functions reduce operator steps
  • Large volume ink tanks extend time between fluid additions to weeks or months
  • On-the-fly external ink filling accomplished in less than a minute with no waste
  • AutoOff™ Go Home button eliminates end-of-day manual shut down routines

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Watch the videos below to see the BestCode in action.

Learn more about BestCode Continuous Ink Jet Systems

BestCode Model 81 entry-level ink jet coder

ink jet coded products bt bestCode


bestCode hgigh-speed ink jet printingBestCode Series 8 Continuous Inkjet Printing Systems

Series 8 printheads start clean every time.

These printheads are industrial stainless steel and built-to-last for the harshest printing applications. Designed for a clean, pin-pointed start every time, the BestCode printheads are built around our proprietary micro-disk drop generator.

A single small bore tube delivers ink and solvent eliminating the need for multiple inlets/outlets. An integrated valve provides Direct Solvent Injection for printhead nozzle and gutter cleaning. Jet Startup is ready to print in less than 1 minute.

Model 81 systems print fast.

The Model 81 is capable of printing one or two lines of text or graphics at up to 600 feet/minute (200M/minute). That's fast for an entry-level system.

The Model 81 uses quick to immediate dry MEK inks have been developed for use with Series 8 printing systems. Available in black only for this sytem.

bestCode touchscreenClearer and simpler to operate.

A large, 10.4” Color Touch Display is employed to allow easy visual of all operating information. Operating functions are large, intuitive icon based buttons, making full use of color for status indicators. A true WYSIWYG environment provides the most realistic view of creating your print message. Using “drag and drop” field based message, a graphical screen provides exacting location of your message format.

BestCode products are designed for the global market. Systems use multi-national character sets, featuring multiple languages and Unicode character printing – over 60,000 characters.

Print everything. Waste nothing! Bottles drain completely so you can print every drop.

External fill fluid addition allows on-the-fly Ink and Solvent filling without opening enclosure. The large, clean, mistake proof intelligent one quart fluid containers are sized differently eliminating the risk of adding Solvent or Ink into the wrong tank, while extending time between fluid additions. The quart ink and solvent bottles know their fluid type, and shelf life.

LargeVolume™ ink and solvent tanks.

High volume, demanding print applications are achieved with minimal user intervention. Tanks hold multiple liters of fluids for extended run time. Ink tank volumes can operate multiple months between additions. Solvent tank volumes can operate 1000+ operational hours between additions.

bestCode ink jet coder wetIndustrial, Designed to the Extremes

The Series 8 systems are designed for industrial extreme applications, engineered to the operating specification edges. Systems operate in wet/dry/dusty and hot/cold applications.

Industrial, all metal, stainless steel enclosure.

The systems are “Built-to-Last” in a compact, lightweight space saving design. Operate in the most extreme wet and dry applications with an IP55, or IP65 rated enclosure for high dust.

TempSense™ ventilation.

Using automatic detection systems, variable fan speed and highly efficient air flow, TempSense™ ensures the system operates in the correct temperature range. High volume air filters operate 12 months between service intervals.

bestCode ink tanksEcoTec™ fluid management system reduces solvent consumption, lowering overall cost of ownership while extending the time between solvent additions and filter replacements.

EcoTec™ is a proprietary ink tank, reduced cycle pump, SmartFilter™ and a twin trap vapor condensing unit purpose designed for CIJ Technology.

The ink tank is designed to last the life of the system. The reduced cycle pump extends pump life and lowers fluid operating temperature resulting in lower evaporation rates. Vapor condensing and reduced solvent evaporation lowers overall ownership cost and reduces interaction time adding solvent to the system.

Smart Filters

Filters know their install date, keeping track of usage and alerting when the ink filter should be replaced. Quick change, extended life filters operate up to 2,000 hours – 3 months.

State-of-the-Art Electronics.

Systems feature high speed, state-of-the-art 208Mhz processor core integrated into a single electronic board. Systems feature large memory storage, allowing multiple thousand messages to be stored for selection.

Stay connected.

Integrated USB, RS232, multiple programmable inputs and outputs and optional Ethernet communications enable network connectivity allowing integration into any application Use USB memory sticks to backup, restore, move, and carry system files wherever you go.


BestCode Series 8 Continuous Inkjet Printing Systems Specifications
Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Technology, Single Printhead Control

User Interface
10.4” (264mm) Color LCD, Touch Screen, Icon based - Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Lines of Print
1 Lines, 16 pixel (Model 81)

Print Fonts
5, 7, 9, 12, 16 (Model 81)

Electronic Hardware
32 Bit ARM 9, 208 Mhz Processor

4GByte Solid State Drive, 16 MByte Flash, 128 MByte RAM, USB Interface (thumb drive)

Machine Interface
RS232 (Model 81)

1 Photocell, 1 Photocell or Programmable Input, 1 Shaft Encoder, 8 Programmable – Field programmable input, remote message selection option – 256 possible selections


4 Programmable Alarms (open collector,150mA sink),
1 Programmable Dry Contact RelayExternal Power (+24VDC 500mA)

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Ingress Protection
IP55 (Model 81)

Filter Life
2,000 hours (Model 81)

Operating Environment
Temperature: 32°—122° F (0°—50° C), % Relative Humidity: 10—90% (non condensing)

Electrical Requirements
Auto Ranging: 100—240 VAC (3 Amp), Frequency: 50—60Hz, Power Consumption: 50 watts

CE Certified, RoHS Compliant

Message/Code Creation
Dynamic Message Storage (over 1000 Messages), WYSIWYG Message Editing, Drag/Drop Field Based Formatting, Multi-National (Unicode) Character Printing, Download Fonts, Integrated Font Editor, Real and Expiration Time and Date, Shift and Rollover Functions,Product and Batch Counting, Download Graphics and Integrated Editor, Continuous and Repeat Print Capability

Operation Features
Icon Based Operation, Single Button Start, Single Button Stop/Power Off, Password Security, Automatic Diagnostics, Error and Activity Logs, Service Reminders, Backup / Restore Functions, Downloadable Software Updates, Multiple Operator Languages, Download Language Translations

Ink Delivery
SmartFill™ Ink Bottle: 32oz (946ml), SmartFill™ Solvent Bottle: 32oz (946ml)

Fluid Capacity
Ink Capacity: 68oz (2 liter), Solvent Capacity: 102oz (3 liters)

Ink Types
Quick Dry to Immediate - MEK (Model 81)

Ink Colors
Black (Model 81)

Printhead Umbilical
10 Feet (3 Meter) *other options on request

Printhead Orientation - Omni Directional

Image Height
Adjustable: .025” (.6mm) - .5” (12mm)

Throw Distance
Non-contact printing ¼” (6mm) – 1” (25mm) throw distance

Print Speed Capability
600 ft/minute (196M/min) (Model 81)

45 lbs (20kg)

Optional Accessories
Alarm Beacon, Photocells, Mountings, Shaft Encoder, Positive Air Kit (for high dust), Printhead Wash Station


Extras & Video

Brochure (pdf)
Spec Sheet (pdf)

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