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Decorative Auto Parts Labels

Great looking labels help sell your products.

As in many cases, products are judged and purchased on the strength of their label. And auto parts are no different.

Your automotive replacement parts packaging needs a colorful label to attract a buyers attention. Set your brand apart from the competition with unique, well-designed labels that showcase your products. You can use a wide range of materials to add value and style to your label and Weber can help you decide on the best fit of facestock and adhesive to guarantee that your label looks good and performs correctly.

automotive labels

POP Automotive Label Tips

Durable, UL-listed vinyl and polyester label facesheet and adhesive combinations make your label work for demanding, long-term applications.
Overt security and authentication labels that used fracturable materials (destructible labels), messaging adhesives and holographic images keep your brand safe from counterfeiting.
If your package contains petroleum distillate or other liquids, be sure to chose a printing process and lamination to prevent label damage.
Flexible label materials are available in case your product comes in a squeezable or flexible container.

Labels need to be eye-catching to compete on the shelf in automotive after-market stores.
Clear clamshells are popular options and can be labeled easily.
You can use your label as a closure device on a box or clamshell package.

Radiator Repair Kit Label

This label goes on a small clamshell container that holds the part for this product. The right and left side of the label are beveled and, when folded down over the sides of the clamshell, act as a closure device. It also ensures the integrity of the package by acting as a tamper-evident seal.

Label Size: 5.0" wide x 5.75" high

Facestock: Gloss White

Print method: Flexo

Top Coat: None

radiator repair kit label
Tire Balancer & Sealant Label

The Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant label wraps around a round container and is laminated to protect the readability of the text instructions. The unique design features important tire information plus quick-reference measurement call-outs that read in either direction along the sides of the label. That's handy!

Label Size: 5.0" wide x 6.0" high

Facestock: Gloss White

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: Clear Lamination
Ride on tire sealant label
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