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Alpha Compact Top & Bottom Labeling System

Weber's Alpha Compact top and bottom labeling system features a small footprint, and uses a split conveyor for a highly accurate method of applying top and bottom labels on various products or containers. This system is perfect for presenting and applying labels to both sides of clamshell packages of bakery goods, produce or other products that need a branding label on top and UPC bar code or nutritional label on the bottom.

Applies labels up to 4.7" (standard) or 6.0" (optional) wide x 11.8" long
Adjustable stands and conveyor can handle most product sizes
Applies labels to the top and bottom of products or packages

The system includes two mirrored Alpha Compact label applicators (one above, one below) and a split conveyor system that allows the lower labeler to reach the bottom of the passing product.  The labels are presented as the product travels toward the applicators on the conveyor. After receiving a label on the bottom, the container then gets a label applied from above, completing the labeling process in just a few feet.

Weber's Alpha Compact label applicators are simple to set-up and use. They are accurate to ±0.03".

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Alpha Compact Top & Bottom Labeling System


Alpha Compact close upAlpha Compact Wipe-On Label Applicator

The Alpha Compact unit automatically unwinds the supply roll and peels the labels from their liner, then wipes the label on to products, cartons or other packages as they travel past the system on a conveyor line. This system applies labels up to 4.7" wide and 11.8" long to a tolerance of ±0.03".

Using a split conveyor, this versatile unit applies labels to the top and bottom of clamshell, wrapped trays, or other containers. This variation of the Alpha Compact Series features mirrored label applicators that label from the top and bottom at virtually the same time.

The two units are mounted on adjustable stands attached to a wheeled base that also supports the split conveyor. With it's small footprint, this system can be connected to an existing production line or run in a free-standing mode to do individual products.

Alpha Compact label applicator HMI controllerThree Interfaces

Depending upon the complexities and demands of the particular labeling operation, the Alpha Compact is available with three separate interfaces:

Panel HMI includes an external operator's panel that provides system control through a pair of potentiometers and four push-buttons.

Display HMI (shown at right) replaces the operator's panel with an LCD display that provides full access to all adjustment parameters.

USB utilizes a USB connection that permits the unit to be configured from a PC.

Each version of the Alpha Compact features rugged die-cast aluminum construction, single-key calibration, automatic recognition of missing labels, in-production speed adjustment, and much more.


Alpha Compact Wipe-On Label Applicator Specifications (Applicator only)

28.15" x 12.2" x 23.22"
(715mm x 310mm x 590mm)

48.5 lbs. (22kg)

Alpha Compact label sensor Electrical
115/230 VAC, 47/63Hz

Product Sensing

Label Roll Size
Up to 12" O.D. (300mm) wound on 3" (76mm) core

Labeling Speed
Up to 164 fpm (50m) depending on label roll width and diameter

Label Placement
Accurate to ±0.03" (0.8mm) when labels are produced to specifications and product handling is controlled

Standard Label Sizes
Min width: 0.4" (10mm)
Max width: 4.7" (120mm) - Also available in optional 6.0" (150mm) width
Min length: 0.78" (20mm)
Max length: 11.8" (300mm)

Low-label sensor
Three-color stack warning light

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Compatible Products
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