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LA-6000 Variable-Height Tamp-Blow
Label Printer-Applicator

Distribution centers need to label variable sized cartons at ever increasing line speeds with accurate shipping information. And they need that labeling system to be reliable and cost-effective.

Do your demands include product traceability, quality assurance, tracking and tracing in logistics or individual identification of products for just-in-time production? Weber has the answer.

Weber’s new LA-6000 high-speed variable-height print-apply system will label passing cartons of varying heights quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The servo motor driven actuator will ensure label application at up to 2250 cycles per hour depending on label size. Carbon fiber components reduce the weight of moving parts for higher labeling speeds.

And with the LA-6000's modular design and large 13.8" O.D. label rolls, you can print and apply labels with a minimum of downtime.

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Model 5300 Tamp-Blow label printer applicator


L-A 6000 label printer applicator servo motorLA-6000 Variable-Height High-Speed Label Printer-Applicator

Using the tamp-blow method, theLA-6000 can print and apply up to 40 labels per minute (dispensing output depends on label size, text change and dispensing stroke) to products that vary in height up to 19.68” (500mm). And label placement accuracy is ±0.03” (1mm).

• Interchangeable dispensing heads allow the use of different label sizes.

• Print engines by leading manufacturers such as Zebra and SATO allows an optimal match to the application and its specific printing requirements. (Thermal-transfer or direct-thermal.)

• Peak performances is achieved using a servo motor driven dispensing applicator and carbon fiber construction.

• The LA-6000 will handle large label rolls with an ergonomically adjustable reel holder taking maximum roll size of up to 13.7” (350mm) in diameter.

A sensor initially determines the height of the approaching product for labelling and then the applicator moves to the correct position at high speed. This reduces the travelling distance for label application, allowing theLA-6000 to simultaneously label more accurately and up to 50 percent faster than a label printer-applicator with a pneumatically driven cylinder.

The newly redesigned microprocessor controller is compact and facilitates easy integration into existing operating environments. The system’s modular construction allows easy access to components for servicing and or maintenance, enabling convenient changing of labels and ribbons as well as easy cleaning of the print module’s thermal print head.

Special Features & Options

The LA-6000 variable-height tamp-blow print-apply system includes a number of noteworthy features that add to the operational versatility of this printer-applicator.

Tamp-blow application. This is a very popular method of air-assisted label placement used with standard applications, and is particularly useful in the labeling of recessed areas. A printed label is fed onto a tamp pad and held by vacuum, a servo-powered cylinder extends to within .25 inch of the product, and the label is blown onto its surface to a placement accuracy of 0.03".

Numerous I/O's. The system can be interfaced with many types of external devices.

One-to-one media consumption. Special label unwind and rewind dimensions are matched to the system's ribbon supply to ensure they are consumed at the same rate, reducing downtime and eliminating partial changeovers.

Print job storage. Multiple label printing formats can be stored in the system's memory, making it easier for an operator to select a job directly from the applicator instead of downloading a computer file.


LA-6000 Tamp-Blow Label Printer-Applicator Specifications
Printing Technology
Thermal transfer or thermal direct

Print Resolution
9 dots/mm (203 dpi)
12 dots/mm (300 dpi)
24 dots/mm (600 dpi)

Printing Speed

Up to 15.7” (400mm) per second

Dispensing Output
Up to 40 labels per minute; dispensing output depends on label size, text change and dispensing stroke

Label Sizes

Tamp-Blow standard - minimum: 1.9” x 1.5” (50 x 40mm); maximum: 4.7”x7.8” (120 x 200mm); Significantly larger or smaller labels are possible with special dispensing heads.

Label Gap

Minimum 1/8” (3mm)

Labeling Accuracy
Position accuracy of the dispensed labels:
Standard: up to ± 0.03” (1mm) with controlled product handling
Optional: ± ).015 (0.5mm)

Product Sensing

Reflex sensor, light barrier, inductive or capacitive sensor, micro switch, floating contacts (PLC)

Alarm System

Standard: error message in text display, floating contacts (PLC) optional: 3-color alarm stack
Air Requirements
3 cfm at 90 psi; compressed air must be clean, dry and oil-free (DiN isO 8573-1)

From 220 lbs (100 kg) depending on model

92 to 263 VAC, 50/60 hz, 5 amp

Operating temperature: 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C), 15% to 95% relative humidity, non- condensing


Ce mark


• RFID labeling
• Bad tag discard
• 3-color alarm lamp
• Dust and water spray protected enclosure for use in particularly harsh environmental conditions (also with heating)
• Bluhmware for system control and interlinking
• Legitronic® label printing software
• Label presence check, scanner (1-D/2-D)
• Vision systems, sensors, RFID gates, product sensors, product height recognition, variable dispensing stroke sensing, tripod in different versions (stationary and spindle-adjustable)
• Dispensing applications (servo motor) top pallet labelling using extra long dispensing stroke, linear applicator with up to 47.2” (1,200mm) dispensing stroke, 90° and 180° swivel applicator, and short stroke high-speed linear applicators

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