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Model 5300 Series Dual-Label Pallet
Label Printer-Applicator

Weber's Model 5300 Dual-Label pallet labeling system marries a high-performance thermal/ thermal-transfer label printer with a specially-engineered articulating swing-tamp applicator to perform the printing and two-label, adjacent-side labeling of pallets in line.

Choose from a wide range of 203-, 300- and 600-dpi print engines
Capable of handling print speeds up to 16 ips
Numerous I/O's ease interfacing with external devices
Monitor the labeler's operation via a web browser
Available with optional RFID capability
An easy way to add a two-sided labeler after your palletizer system

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Model 5300 Dual-Label Pallet label printer applicator


Model 5300 Series Dual-Label Pallet Label Printer-Applicator

Designed and manufactured by Weber, the Dual-Label pallet labeling system features a selection of print engines, which includes both 203-, 300- or 600-dpi units from manufacturers like Zebra Technologies, SATO and Datamax. Print engines are available to handle pallet label sizes ranging from 4.0" wide and up to 8.0" long.

5300 label printer applicator featuresAll systems print pallet labels with variable-sized text, bar codes and/or graphic images. Various print speeds are programmable at up to 16 ips.

As a label is printed, it is automatically peeled from its liner and retained by vacuum on a non-contact, tamp-blow applicator pad. The articulating tamp pad is mounted on a pneumatically-operated swing arm that reaches across the leading side of a pallet as it approaches the Dual-Label unit via conveyor. When the pallet is in position, a sensor mounted on the swing arm detects the pallet and the label is gently blown onto the lead panel of the pallet.

The swing-arm then retracts to collect a second printed label, which is followed by an articulated stroke that blows the label onto the adjacent side of the pallet to complete the cycle. Depending on a combination of label print engine, pallet size, conveyor speed and the proximity of the Dual-Label system to the pallet, up to five pallets per minute can be labeled.

Special Features & Options

This Model 5300 Dual-Label pallet labeling system includes a number of noteworthy features that add to the operational versatility of this printer-applicator:

Browser-based monitoring. The status of all operational functions and configurations can be monitored by logging on to a web page that is unique to each Model 5300 unit.

Numerous I/O's. The system can be interfaced with many types of external devices.

One-to-one media consumption. Special label unwind and rewind dimensions are matched to the system's ribbon supply to ensure they are consumed at the same rate, reducing downtime and eliminating partial changeovers.

Print job storage. Multiple label printing formats can be stored in the system's memory, making it easier for an operator to select a job directly from the applicator instead of downloading a computer file.

The Model 5300 system boasts numerous additional features as well, including a microprocessor controller with downloadable firewall capability, various inputs/outputs, plus durable construction that will withstand harsh industrial environments.

Other options include a 15-foot umbilical connection that enables the remote location of the unit's controller; an adjustable stand for optimum system orientation; label-on-pad sensor for added functionality; plus beacon light alerts to signal the status of label and ribbon supplies.

To facilitate routine maintenance, the system is programmed with built-in machine cycle diagnostics for self-testing of normal operating cycles, plus input diagnostics that permit testing on specific functions.


Model 5300 Series Dual-Label Pallet Label Printer-Applicator Specifications
50.71"L x 20.31"W x 22.5"H
(128.8cm x 51.58cm x 57.2cm)

200 lbs. (90.7kgs.)

115 VAC, 60 cycle, 5 amps; overload protection built in
220 VAC, 50 cycle optional

Communication Interface
RS-232-C; Centronics compatible

Air Requirements
5 cfm at 90 psi
Product Sensing

Printing Methods
Direct-thermal and thermal-transfer

Print Resolution
203 dpi (8 dots/mm) or 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)

Label Roll Size
Maximum diameter 12" O.D. (305mm)

Label Sizes
Minimum*: 4.0"W x 4.0"L
(101.4mm x 101.4mm)
Maximum*: 4.0"W x 8.0"L
(101.4mm x 203.2mm)

Print Speed
Up to 12.0" (305mm) per second at 203 dpi
Up to 8.0" (203mm) per second at 300 dpi

Labeling Speed
Contingent upon print engine, pallet size, conveyor speed and system proximity

Label Placement
Accurate to ±0.125" (3mm) when labels are produced to specifications and product handling is controlled. Accurate, repeatable label placement is dependent upon consistent product handling, which includes conveyor speed, product orientation, and maintaining a consistent distance between the applicator and the product.

Die-cut, waste removed with 0.125" (3mm) minimum separation between labels in running direction and 0.125" (3mm) maximum web over label width; direct or thermal-transfer

Print Characters & Bar Codes
Text: Selection of fonts, including OCR-A & B representation

Bar Codes: UPC-A/E, EAN-8/13, Code 39, I 2 of 5, Code 128, Codabar, MSI, 2 of 5, Code 93, UPC Bookland, Matrix 2 of 5, Postnet, UCC/EAN 128, PDF-417, Maxicode, Data Matrix

(Text and bar codes can be rotated 360 degrees; horizontal and vertical character expansion)

Labeling Software
Weber Legitronic® Software

Optional Features
Choice of Datamax, SATO, or Zebra print engines
Heavy-duty, adjustable stand

* Dependent on printer selected

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